Show Me the Science

The Original Copper Buddy is made of 100% copper. But you might be wondering: what is so special about copper?

Copper has been known to be naturally antimicrobial for centuries. "Antimicrobial" means that it can kill microorganisms like viruses or bacteria on contact, making copper the ideal material to more safely interact with the world around us. Copper has been used in healthcare facilities, public transportation stations, and plumbing systems around the world to reduce the transfer of disease.

When the COVID-19 outbreak became a pandemic in early 2020, scientists wanted to understand how the virus interacted with various types of surfaces, including copper. In March 2020, the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine released a study that found SARS-CoV-2 (AKA, COVID-19) to be immeasurable on copper after only 4 hours! Compare that to 24 hours for cardboard, 48 hrs for stainless steel, and a whopping 72 hours for plastics. See image below for more details on the results.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

PLEASE NOTE: While copper alloys are a superior material for combating viruses, it is still advised to disinfect your Copper Buddy after use and, of course, wash your hands. We are not making any medical claims that Copper Buddy will eliminate COVID-19 or any other viruses. However, we are referencing reputable studies that show copper alloys are a far superior material compared to other standard alternatives when it comes to viruses ability survive on a surface.

In compliance with the U.S. EPA please note the following guidelines to protect public health and safety. 

• Antimicrobial copper alloys are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices.

• Users must continue to follow all current infection control and cleaning practices.

• Routine cleaning to remove dirt and grime is necessary for good sanitation and to assure the effective performance of the antimicrobial copper alloy surface.

• Antimicrobial copper alloys must not be coated in any way (i.e. with waxes, paints, lacquers, etc.) in order to be effective. The natural tarnishing of copper alloys does not compromise their antimicrobial property.