What is The Copper Buddy?


✅Proudly made in the USA
✅100% Copper Hygienic Door Opener
✅Viruses decay 12x faster than on steel
✅Stylus for use at store checkouts, ATMs
✅Bag carrier to keep hands clean
✅Button pusher for keypads and elevators
✅Attaches to your keychain for easy access


The Original Copper Buddy is the hygienic way to interact with the world around you. Every day, we touch dozens of shared objects and surfaces with our hands and fingers, potentially exposing us to harmful viruses and bacteria. Until now.

Made out of a naturally hygienic material, The Original Copper Buddy is designed to:

  • Open doors
  • Carry grocery & takeout bags
  • Use as a stylus at checkout & ATM screens
  • Press elevator & call buttons
  • Press keypads at the gas pump

...and much more, all while limiting your exposure to harmful viruses such as COVID-19. 

It is our responsibility to do everything we can to limit the spread of coronavirus. While staying socially distant indoors is the best practice, the reality is there are times we must venture out in the community to purchase groceries, fill up on gas, and go to work. It is in these times that the Copper Buddy is there to help protect you and those around you.

We encourage you to read more about how copper can combat coronavirus in these publications:

Pull Doors Open

As a stylus at checkout

Use on keypads at ATMs, gas stations, and stores

Use the Copper Buddy to push doors open


Carry food takeout bags to avoid hand contact

Push elevator buttons

Add to your key ring for easy access


1.3 ounces

2 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 0.125 inches thick

In compliance with the U.S. EPA please note the following guidelines to protect public health and safety. 

• Antimicrobial copper alloys are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices.

• Users must continue to follow all current infection control and cleaning practices.

• Routine cleaning to remove dirt and grime is necessary for good sanitation and to assure the effective performance of the antimicrobial copper alloy surface.

• Antimicrobial copper alloys must not be coated in any way (i.e. with waxes, paints, lacquers, etc.) in order to be effective. The natural tarnishing of copper alloys does not compromise their antimicrobial property.